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My name is Chris Tate, and I'm the most fortunate guy I know.

True happiness and the discovery of one's purpose is not a destination, it is a state of being.  Through our understanding of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Meditation we now have new ways to create change in our lives.  My coaching combines the latest scientific research with a process of self-discovery to provide my clients with the knowledge, skills and support necessary to experience a life full of abundance.




It's a simple question we can spend an entire lifetime attempting to answer. It is also where the change process begins.  I assist my clients in identifying what they want to experience in life and who they want to become.  Together we begin to write a new story.

Once we identify what it is we desire to experience in our lives, we must begin to exhibit the thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors that align with this story.  We will develop skills like Metacognition to focus and maintain our creative energies on what we desire versus what we fear.  We use tools like Meditation to help recondition the body and subconscious mind developing new habits and beliefs.

Education is a key element for change.  We will explore the works of great scientists and philosophers such as Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Dr. Les Fehmi, Richard Rohr and many others to develop a deeper understanding of the scientific laws and concepts that govern our world and the change process.  

From this new perspective we begin to see life as our canvas and not our adversary.  Life works with us when we learn to stop working against it.

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Elements of Change

Neuroscience & Physics
The Science

The latest research in Neuroscience tells us we spend 95% of our waking day completely unaware of our thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. We live our lives on autopilot making subconscious choices based upon beliefs instilled in us by our early childhood experiences. To change our lives we must step out of these old habits and begin making new choices that are in alignment with who we want to be and what we want to experience. Quantum Physics says we are all connected by a field of energy and that every potential outcome in life exists right here and right now. This is not science-fiction,...

Reestablishing Balance

Meditation is a powerful tool for reestablishing balance between the core systems of the body. Most of us live our lives in a constant state of stress. We perceive our environment as one threat after another. Be it our jobs, our relationships or simply the times we live in, we consciously and subconsciously perceive ourselves as under attack. Our body responds by signaling our defense mechanism called the sympathetic nervous system to prepare for a fight...and our struggles ensue. This is why 98% of all chronic disease is related to stress. How do we change? Meditation enables us to turn off the fight-or-flight response and turn on our mechanism for healing called...



Methodology for Change

Education and Action
The Change Process

The key elements of change are education and action. I teach a methodology for personal transformation and growth based upon the principles of Neuroscience, Physics and Meditation. My clients learn the science behind the physiology of the human body and the laws that govern our physical universe. We take the knowledge from Neuroscience and Physics and learn ways to implement these concepts into our daily lives. Change cannot occur without action. My clients learn how to exhibit the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with who they want to be. We develop skills like Metacognition and Meditation that keep us aligned to...

Becoming the Watcher

Metacognition - The ability to monitor our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors.  By simply becoming aware of who we are being, we alter the chemical and hormonal composition of our body, resulting in a change in our genetic expression.  This is Neuroplasticity 101 and we all inherently have this ability.  We will explore metacognition using the works of such contemporary masters as Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lipton.  Taking the wisdom these pioneers share to maintain our every thought, every feeling, every action and every behavior in alignment with our wants and desires...not our fears. I cannot stress this simply becoming the nonjudgmental observer of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and...


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