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How to Awearness

Thank you for your interest in the Awearness mobile iOS application. Hopefully by now you have downloaded the Awearness app onto your iphone and have purchased a Muse eeg headband. Below you will find a 20 minute video that explains all of the features of the Awearness app and how to begin experiencing phase synchronous alpha. Enjoy friends.


How to Awearness



guided meditation

Guided meditation is a powerful tool to begin experiencing the meditative state. There are many different forms of meditation and I would encourage you to investigate them all. I personally find that a proprioception (spatial awareness) approach to meditation is the easiest and most effective way to begin a meditation practice. Phase Synchronous Alpha is a very specific brainwave state that marks the beginning of the meditative state and the moment that the sympathetic nervous system...your fight-or-flight stress system, begins to quiet down. In 1969 Dr. Les Fehmi, head of biofeedback for Princeton University, discovered how to guide his graduate students into the phase synchronous alpha brainwave state by having them focus all of their attention on the space that different parts of their body occupied. This marked a break through in our understand of meditation and more importantly, opened a door for anyone to experience the benefits of meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza has expanded upon these concepts in his own research and offers some of the best proprioception based guided meditations that I have found. You can use any of your favorite guided meditations, itunes music or streaming music services with the Awearness app. Below you will find links to some of the works of these amazing scientists. I hope you enjoy.


Dr. Les Fehmi

The Open-Focus Brain (book)