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Awearness - Wearable Meditation Technology

Awearness iOS application

The Awearness mobile iOS application combines neuroscience with the latest advancements in wearable brain sensing technology. The Awearness app provides guided meditations and integrates with the Muse eeg headband to teach the core skills of meditation, through biofeedback. A modern approach to an ancient practice.


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Awearness Mobile Application


guided meditation

The Awearness app comes with three spacial awareness based guided meditations and two challenge levels to assist you in developing the skills of meditation. Personalize your experience by using your own favorite guided meditations, iTunes playlists, or streaming music services with the Awearness app. Get it on the AppStore.
Awearness Mobile Application

Awearness Mobile Application



The Awearness app is fully integrated with the Muse eeg headband to provide biofeedback as you are guided into the meditative state. With biofeedback, you become aware of the subtle shifts in consciousness that take place as you begin to meditate. This awareness enables you to effectively recreate the experience, thus developing the core skills for quieting the mind and relaxing the body.


Muse eeg headband

Recent advancements in neuroscience and wearable biofeedback technology have allowed us new ways to experience the benefits of meditation. InterAxon, makers of the Muse eeg headband, collaborated with universities, corporations and some of the brightest scientific minds around the world to develop a research grade brain sensing headband that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. The Muse represents the latest in biofeedback neuroscience and is fully integrated with the Awearness app.


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Awearness Mobile Application