The Science of Change

180 Nutrition (Podcast Interview)

I am so grateful to my buddies Guy Lawrence and Stuart Cooke of 180 Nutrition for having me on as a guest of their 180 Nutrition Podcast ( (iTunes podcast).  We had a great discussion around the science of change and my favorite topic, Metacognition.  Please check out the amazing work that Guy and Stuart…
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Blog – The MUSE at home brain sensing technology

When people ask me what I do professionally, I tell them that I'm a translator. I take seemingly intangible concepts from neuroscience, quantum physics and meditation and explain them in ways that make sense to any audience. When I teach meditation I describe it as quite simply, a feeling. No no no, don't complicate what I…
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Blog – What is my Purpose?

What is my Purpose in life? Wow...that's a big question and it's one I receive often as a life coach.  We live in a society where words are typically our primary form of communication.  Whether it's an email or a text...or even a very ancient form of communication called 'conversation', we use words as an attempt to describe our…
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Blog – Is it Wave or is it Particle?

Over the past several centuries there has been an on-going debate regarding the nature of matter.  Is it a Wave or is it a Particle?  Countless scientists have presented compelling evidence that the answer to this question is a resounding, Yes. If you have delved into the world of Quantum Physics, you've probably stumbled across a very famous…
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Blog – Meditation 101

Ah yes...Meditation.  The big 'M' word.  Most of us have heard of the Magical/Medicinal/Monumental/Mindful benefits of meditation.  Many of us have sat on the floor in a painful pretzel position and attempted to 'meditate'.  Often we experience a completely opposite result of our intended effect.  Instead of quiet untethered bliss, frustration rushes in on a wave of incessant…
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