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Over the past several centuries there has been an on-going debate regarding the nature of matter.  Is it a Wave or is it a Particle?  Countless scientists have presented compelling evidence that the answer to this question is a resounding, Yes.

If you have delved into the world of Quantum Physics, you've probably stumbled across a very famous experiment called the Double Slit Experiment.  The results of this experiment provide clear evidence that matter, at its most fundamental level behaves like both a wave and a particle.

Double Slit Experiment - YouTube video

Here's a quick little atom is 99.9999% empty space and .0001% matter.  This is a fact.  Our bodies are made of atoms and if you were to compress all of the matter (atoms) that make up your body (your skin, your bones, your organs, get the picture) the total amount of matter would be about the size of a single grain of sand.  Yup.  All of the stuff you appear to be made of represents only .0001% of what you really are.  And what is in the empty space you ask?  Energy...waves.  Electromagnetic waves to be specific...that's right, light.  We are 99.9999% light (remember light is just an electromagnetic wave) and .0001% matter (particle).

So why don't we experience this wave-like behavior in everyday life?  Well the answer is pretty simple...the scale at which we observe life is too large.  Our five senses cannot detect these infinitesimally small wave-like properties and therefore, we experience life through particle-like behavior.

Western science has been telling us that the body's primary form of communication is particle to particle interaction.  In order for the body to perform any it walking, breathing, digesting food...anything...signals must travel between our body and brain to orchestrate these actions via particles colliding into one another (aka. Chemical reactions).  The fastest that our body can communicate via particle to particle interaction is less than 300 mph.  That's a big frickin problem!  In order for us to experience life as we do, communication must travel at nearly the speed of light throughout the body!  If you would like to learn more about this, check out the work of Dr. Karl Pribram. Wow...super sharp dude.  Dr. Pribram collected extensive evidence supporting the light theory of communication in the body and went on to be a key contributor to the Holonomic Brain Theory.

If electromagnetism (light) represents 99.9999% of all matter...and our bodies are using electromagnetism as the primary form of communication, one might ask why we place so much emphasis on the .0001% that is matter?  Good question.  Possible answer...Don't.

Here's the thing, you have all already experienced wave like behavior in your life.  Remember the time you thought of someone you hadn't spoken to in years and all of a sudden you received a phone call from that very person?  Was that coincidence?  Come on....hell no it wasn't.  Then what was it?  It was waves in the form of information being shared between two people.  In Physics this is called Non Locality or Entanglement.  It's a very well known phenomena that Einstein called 'Spooky action at a distance'.  And don't worry, even Einstein struggled with that one.

We have been conditioned to live our lives based upon the laws of Newtonian Physics...particle to particle interaction.  We focus on the forces, laws and behaviors that govern the .0001% of matter and have constructed a belief system to support this model.  And it's life by the laws of matter works.  Yet the latest research in Quantum Physics and Neuroscience is providing us a new lens for observing our world.  This new perspective focuses our awareness on the 99.9999% of the atom...light.

This is where my work begins as a coach.  I guide my clients in living from the 99.9999% of the atom, energy.  Together we develop tools, like Metacognition, to help us monitor the waves we are tuned into.  We learn to leverage meditation to change the signal our cells broadcast.  And finally, we learn how to surrender to the process.

Living life by the .0001% does work...we see proof of this every day.  Even .0001% has an effect.  But consider the math.  Perhaps there is a more effective way to live our lives.  99.9999% more effective, living by the principles of waves, energy, electromagnetism...light.

Sending lots of Love (light) and good vibes (light)...

-Chris 🙂

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