The Science of Change

When people ask me what I do professionally, I tell them that I'm a translator. I take seemingly intangible concepts from neuroscience, quantum physics and meditation and explain them in ways that make sense to any audience. When I teach meditation I describe it as quite simply, a feeling. No no no, don't complicate what I just said...meditation is just a feeling. Neuroscience calls our ability to sense and feel the space inside and around our body, proprioception. Let's try it...right now... place all of your attention on your nose...your ability to sense and feel this part of your body is proprioception. In meditation, we shut our eyes or soften the gaze and place our focused attention on different parts of our body. As we sense and feel, we 'turn-on' a part of the brain called the cerebellum. When the cerebellum is engaged through proprioception, the part of our brain where analytical thoughts and our chattery mind resides turns off! We cannot sense and feel parts of our body and have an analytical thought at the same time. As a result the mind becomes quiet. This is meditation and this will change your life.

But as simple as this concept is, it's still someone subjective. The most popular question I get when teaching proprioception is, 'How do I know when I'm doing it right?'. Enter, the at-home brain sensing technology called, the MUSE.

The MUSE is a biofeedback device that provides an audible queue (birds chirping...chirp chirp... chirp, chirp) when doing proprioception properly. The moment you become highly focused on a part of your body, the device registers this very specific brain signal and says...'Hey're doing it...keep doing that!... chirp... chirp, chirp'. The result is a rapid acceleration for developing the skills of proprioception and thus meditation. I have seen this device transform my meditative practice and that of my clients. It is truly a game-changer.

For more information on the MUSE and how to purchase, click here.

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