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What is my Purpose in life?

Wow...that's a big question and it's one I receive often as a life coach.  We live in a society where words are typically our primary form of communication.  Whether it's an email or a text...or even a very ancient form of communication called 'conversation', we use words as an attempt to describe our experiences and feelings.  Yet, sometimes words fall completely short in capturing the meaning of what it is we are attempting to communicate.  Purpose is one of those words.  We hear phrases like 'finding purpose' as if it's some illusive creature in some far off destination lurking within a labyrinth that only time and toil will reveal.  And perhaps someday, somehow with a little luck and massive amounts of good choices and accurate calculations we will capture the beast, tame it and make it our own.

But here's the thing...Purpose is not a's not a's not a particle or a's a state of being.  Purpose only appears when we are living our lives in alignment with who we truly are.  In other words, Purpose is just a label we stamp on the moment we realize we are in love with life.  I found my Purpose!  Nope, you're just in love with what you're doing at this moment.  So how do we find our individual Purpose in life?  We follow the only compass that holds a true north...Love.  What do you love about life?  What do you love to do in life?  Who do you love to hang around with in life?  What places make your heart sing?  What activities, hobbies, or events make you smile and feel alive?  Go DO those things...go see those places...go produce feelings of joy and love in your life and watch what shows up.  Your Purpose will find you.

Sending lots of love and good vibes always,


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