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Ah yes...Meditation.  The big 'M' word.  Most of us have heard of the Magical/Medicinal/Monumental/Mindful benefits of meditation.  Many of us have sat on the floor in a painful pretzel position and attempted to 'meditate'.  Often we experience a completely opposite result of our intended effect.  Instead of quiet untethered bliss, frustration rushes in on a wave of incessant thought known as the Monkey Mind.  "I can't believe she said that to me!", "I can't believe my boss made that request of me.",  'There is no way I can possibly pay these bills'...and the stories go on and on and on.

One of my goals as a coach is to help remove the mystery that has surrounded meditation and to present these concepts in ways that are accessible to anyone.  What we find when comparing ancient spiritual practices of meditation to our western neurological understanding of the brain and body is a gap in understanding produced not by fact or fiction...but by the words being used to explain the process.  Philosophers and wise sages tell us to "go within to find silence".  When I first heard this in Chinese medical school, my response was "wtf?".  Later in my studies of neuroscience I encountered a concept called Proprioception.  Proprioception is a function of the brain that allows us to sense and feel space inside and around our bodies.  This function is performed by a part of the brain called the Cerebellum.  As the cerebellum engages in the act of sensing and feeling space, the area of our brain that manages analytical thought (frontal cortex)...home of the constant dialog of conversation running through our minds...begins to quiet down.

You cannot have an analytical thought and sense and feel space at the same time!

As a result of us sensing and feeling the space inside and around our bodies, the noisy stream of dialog in our head begins to quiet down.  So, the monks had it right all along.  They told us to go within to find silence...translation, feel the space and sensations of your body and you will quiet your analytical mind...aaaah silence.

It's not cool to point out a problem without also providing a solution...sooooooo...below you will find a downloadable mp3 guided meditation that will assist you in finding silence by leveraging Proprioception.  I wrote this short, guided meditation to be used anytime you simply need to step out of the busy moments of your day and release into a place of silence and relaxation.  Although short in length, this meditation is powerful in its effectiveness.  In 16 minutes you will significantly reduce the amount of stress chemicals being produced by your Sympathetic Nervous System, stimulate your Parasympathetic Nervous System to produce a cocktail of healing and anti-aging chemicals, aaaaand you will chill-the-hell-out!  Goodness knows we could all use a double shot of that!

A few simple guidelines

  1. Feel It - Everything everything and I mean everything in meditation is a feeling.  I will be guiding you to place your awareness on certain parts of your body and to feel these areas.  I just want you to feel it...nothing more.  Our energy follows our awareness.  You're not thinking about your nose until I say "think about your nose".  All of a sudden, you feel the space that your nose occupies in space.  That's all we're doing here.  Just place your awareness in the area that I guide you to and feel the space.  DO NOT ANALYZE ANYTHING!  "Omg, am I doing it right?"  Stop! Just feel the space...don't complicate it!
  2. Elevated Emotions - I will ask you to experience the feeling of love in your heart.  I promise you, this is not another attempt to instill happy thoughts into someone.  Happy thoughts have done nothing for anyone, ever!  Happy FEELINGS on the other those have done things like heal cancer, reverse Parkinson and pull people out of debilitating depression. Feelings are chemicals and chemicals are charged particles.  When charged particles are in motion, they produce toroidal electromagnetic fields.  Just like the shape of the magnet field that surrounds the earth.  And the latest research in Quantum Physics states that we our broadcasting electromagnetic signals from our bodies produced by the chemicals that cause us to FEEL emotions.  These signals interact with the space around us called the Quantum Field and create our reality.  As crazy as this may's the most likely scenario of how life is happening according to the latest research in western science...but that is for another blog! 😉 The point is, there's big time science behind the benefits of producing elevated positive emotions in your ladies and gentlemen...feel the Love!  It might just change your entire life.
  3. Breathing - Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this on a 5-5 count...5 seconds on the inhalation, 5 seconds on the exhalation.  Go slow and take complete breaths.  Eventually as you get deeper into the meditation you will release into your own breathing rhythm, most likely much slower.  Go slow, take full breaths.
  4. Root Chakra/1st Energy Center - I'm going to instruct you to feel your first Energy Center or Root Chakra.  This may sound mystical, but it's just your sexual glands that are part of your Endocrine System.  I explain this in much more detail in my coaching but for now, just feel the space  between your sexual organs and your rectum.  Yes, that's your Perineum.
  5. Pineal Glands - Also called the Third Eye, the Pineal is the geographic center of your brain.  To find this space, go to the top of your ears and then move to the center of your head.  When I instruct you to feel your Pineal, just let your awareness drift the center of your head.  Once again, don't complicate this...feel the space and stare into the darkness.
  6. Crown Chakra - This is the space at the very top of your head.  Feel it.
  7. Have fun! - Enough said

These are just a few of the many techniques that I teach as part of my coaching that embrace the wisdom of ancient spiritual practice and the latest research from Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for coaching or come to one of my workshops and guided meditations.  You can find a complete listing of events on my Events Calendar.

Enjoy my friends...sending lots of love and good vibes always!

-Chris 🙂

The Flow Meditation

Download Note - To download the above mp3, right mouse click on the link and save the file to your local computer.  You can then import the mp3 into your iTunes library or favorite listening service.

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