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MUSE - brain sensing technology

Brain Sensing Technology

Every once in awhile a technology comes along that is a complete game changer...introducing the MUSE brain sensing headband.  The MUSE  enables you to capture the eeg signals produced by your brain during meditation and store this information to your smart device (iPhone/Samsung). Your meditation session data is then safely and securely uploaded to your personal MUSE portal in the cloud where you can access this information at anytime, from anyplace. You have a complete historical record of your daily meditation practice, enabling you to track and monitor your progress.


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Coach Tate App

Daily Session Monitoring


As a service to my clients, I am now offering personal daily monitoring of your meditation sessions. I will add you to my Coach Tate MUSE portal and review your meditation sessions daily. This keeps us on the same page and enables me to track your progress as you develop the skill of meditation.


Coach Tate Awareness App


Absolutely this is happening! The Coach Tate 'Awareness app' is under development and will capture both EEG and HRV data during your meditation sessions. It is fully integrated with Polar Heart Rate Monitors capturing HRV (Heart Rate Variability)...our window into the Autonomic Nervous System. The app also provides a training and skills development area for practicing Proprioception and Open Focus in a virtual reality environment. The current timeline is to release a prototype in mid 2017 so please check back periodically for updates.