The Science of Change

WOW...there is a ton of information out there. Thank you Google! I loooooove to research. Below you will find a collection of my favorite research topics and references. I would encourage you to follow whatever topic sparks your curiosity. Remember...everyone is pretty much saying the same thing, they're just using different words to describe it. Let your own personal interests guide you as you start to piece the information together for yourself. There's no better way to learn this material than through your own personal exploration.

As for the videos...this isn't Pixar! I'm not saying these videos are of the highest quality or are action packed...they are an introduction to different concepts. These videos are only meant to provide an overview of a subject matter and act as visual aids for concepts that otherwise may be difficult to imagine. Once you find a topic that interests you, begin to explore it further on your own.

Keep your heart and mind open and enjoy.



Biology of Belief
by Bruce Lipton
Biology, Genetics, Consciousness, Healing

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle
Spirituality, Consciousness, Metacognition, Ego, Surrender

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Neuroscience, Meditation, Intention

The Open Focus Brain
by Dr. Les Fehmi
Phase Synchronous Alpha, Neuroscience, Anxiety, PTSD

The Divine Matrix
by Gregg Braden
Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Healing, Intention

True Self, False Self
by Richard Rohr
Consciousness, Spirituality, Neuroscience

The Field
by Lynne McTaggart
Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Consciousness

The Higgs Boson and Beyond (Great Courses)
by Sean Carroll
Quantum Physics

The Awakened Mind
by C. Maxwell Cade & Nona Coxhead

Reality Is Not What It Seems
by Carlo Rovelli
Quantum Gravity, Quantum Mechanics

The Greatest Story Ever Told - So Far
by Lawrence M. Krauss
History of Quantum Mechanics

by Penney Peirce
Quantum Physics, Intention

Stepping Out of self-deception
by Rodney Smith
Buddhism, Consciousness, Metacognition, Surrender

Journey out of the Body
by Robert Monroe
Out of Body Experience, Neuroscience, Meditation

A Beautiful Question
by Frank Wilczek
Physics, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry

by Pam Grout

Adventures Beyond the Body
by William Buhlman
Out of Body Experience


Electromagnetism: The Glue of the Universe
by Science Channel

The Missing Mass Mystery
by PBS Space Time
Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, Gravity

Quantum Theory Made Easy
by Crocoduck
Electromagnetism, Quantum Physics

Bruce Lipton - Mind Over Matter
by Bruce Lipton
Biology, Metacognition, Quantum Physics

The Great Math Mystery
Sacred Geometry

Quantum Mechanics Part 1
Quantum Physics, Electromagnetism

Are Space and Time an Illusion?
by PBS Digital Studio
Space & Time

Energy Centers of the Body
Electromagnetism, Chakras, Biology

Schrodinger's Cat
by TED-ed
Quantum Physics, Superposition

What is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?
by TED-ed
Quantum Physics, Uncertainly Principle

The Sacred Geometry Movie
by Spirit Science
Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Harmonics

Magnets: How do they work?
by Minute Physics
Magnetism, Quantum Physics

Empty space is not empty
by Veritasium
Dark Energy, Quantum Field

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
by Kurzsgesagt - In a nut shell
Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Amazing Resonance Experiment
by brusspup
Sound waves, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry

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