The Science of Change

In the last five years or so I felt like the tether ball spinning continuously.  Not knowing what was wrong.  Feeling neither sad nor happy, just indifferent.  No joy, no creativeness.  I set my passions aside and found all I was doing was what was expected of me.  Dead inside, no love, no hate, nothing.  Two years ago I realized I could not do the same things over and over again.  I could not clean one more house, fix one more meal, do one more load of wash.  I had lost my voice but my mind was screaming with continued noise.  I had seen information on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops but passed it buy.  I just could not afford it.  This year I ran across the information again but this time I thought I cannot afford not to attend.  So I did.  At first while there I felt lost as a small vessel in a very large ocean not knowing where I was going.  But I took the trip.  It was difficult and disheartening until one day I sat next to this wonderful person who would assist me in setting aside my fears, my apprehension.  He explained things in a manner I could grasp.  He helped the process begin to make sense.  The more I asked the more he so graciously offered his wisdom.   An emotional connection blossomed during that workshop and to my surprise this person was truly genuine in his demeanor, no hidden agenda, no expectations, just warmth and kindness.  My journey continues and we continue on our paths together.  I sometimes lose sight and all it takes is a gentle reminder of the process to put me back on track.  This person is Chris Tate.  In meditating we are surrender to the quantum field and it will return to us in a way that is right for us.   Chris Tate is what was returned to me.  I will be forever grateful for his knowledge, his wisdom, his kindness, his friendship.

Ellan, Consultant